About Us

America’s Alpaca tm is owned and operated by the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc. (AFCNA). AFCNA is a Cooperative comprised of over 2000 alpaca fiber producers in the United States and Canada. This luxurious alpaca fiber produced on and collected from these farms is combined and processed into any number of finished yarns and apparel. AFCNA also sources products from outside suppliers to expand the product lines being offered to our customers. Products offered under the America’s Alpaca brand may be made from member produced fiber, or provided by other sources. Products carrying the North American Alpaca Mark are guaranteed to contain alpaca fiber produced in North America. America’s Alpaca also offers Designer Lines – items sourced from outside companies sold under their label. With an eye to quality and utlility, all offerings from America’s Alpaca are selected to provide satisfaction to our customers. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by calling 1-877-859-0172. When it comes to alpaca, “We grow it, we know it!”